Sunday, December 14, 2014

Nose to the Wine Grind

It's amazing how time flies, eh (no, I am not Canadian).

My last post was back in May. Since then, not so much and then very much has happened...

The biggest updates on the wine front, is that I'm currently enrolled in the WSET program at the International Institute of Wine. I have done nothing to move my business idea forward, so educating myself seemed like a good way of making myself feel like I am at least progressing my mind if not my business plan.

Last Spring I enrolled in the Intermediate (Level 2) Course and passed the exam with distinction. People say I am too humble, so this is me being not humble, or just proud.

I just completed my last class in the 15 week Advanced Course, and am planning on taking the exam in February or April for the Level 3 Award. I am a bit intimidated, borderline scared. The Advanced course is like the Intermediate Course on if every topic got expanded out, accordion-style. I can only imagine how in-depth the Diploma series would get. The picture above are the flash cards I made to try and capture the highlights of each chapter of the reading. It's a lot. I basically transcribed the entire book onto flashcards, perhaps defeating the purpose of the flash cards in the process.

In another effort to make myself feel like I am making progress, without actually, really, yet making progress, I created a study timeline. Actually, I created 2 study timelines...One based on a February test date, the second based on an April test date. I'm going to see how it goes...see how far/fast I can go each week and then make the determination in January about which date I will take the test. As you can see, the February test is ambitious, but we will see. Hey - most people in my class are taking the test this week, giving them only one week to really study, so I can't complain.

I will do my best to keep checking in with this blog and keep you posted on my progress, what I learn, and new updates. I'll try to make things as interesting as possible (for you, the one of you who might be out there reading, and for myself).

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